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  • The clip type thin insulation ball valve
  • Ultra thin stainless steel three way ball valve
  • The clip type ultra-thin swaging play ball
  • Ultra thin high platform with lock valve
  • Stainless steel thin type ball valve
  • Ultra thin type of clip type ball valve
  • Wafer type ball valve
  • Ultra thin steel ball
  • Ultra Slim three way ball valve
  • Extended rod thin ball valve
  • DN65 wafer thin ball valve
  • DN40 stainless steel to clip type ball valve
  • DN80 to clip type ball valve
  • Thin steel ball valve
  • Q71 wafer thin ball valve
  • Q72 wafer thin ball valve
Why Yuze Can Become A Quality Supplier?
Yuze main of thin type ball valve clip, Italian style thin type ball valve, metal hard seal ball valve, forging steel ball valve, one type ball valve, check valve, gate valve and so on.
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, light industry, power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, construction, water supply and other industries.
    Zhejiang the Uzawa Valve Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive research, design, development, production, sales as one of the export-oriented and modernized enterprise. The company has valves for many years production experience, good equipment, strict testing facilities, by get the industry to use, product performance and service by the praise and trust of the users.
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